Same-Day Emergency Dentistry
in Woodbridge, VA

When a dental emergency occurs, time is of the essence! It’s important to take steps to protect your teeth and jaw in the event of an emergency. At Vera Dentistry, we understand that dental disasters don’t wait for a convenient time to strike. That’s why we offer same-day solutions for patients, whether they’re returning or new. Call our office when disaster strikes¡SE HABLA ESPAÑOL!

woman with mouth pain

What Should I Do If My Tooth Is Knocked Out?

If your tooth is knocked out, pick it up by the crown and attempt to place it back into the socket. If you can’t get it back in, place the tooth and any of its attached tissues into a glass of milk or water and come into the office. The faster a tooth is reimplanted, the better your chances of saving it. You may gently rinse the tooth with water if it’s covered in debris.

man with mouth pain

What Should I Do If My Jaw Is Broken?

If your jaw is broken, immediately head to your nearest hospital or emergency room. If that’s not possible, call emergency services for further assistance. You should also do this if you lose consciousness during the event that caused the dental trauma.

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What Should I Do If I Lose A Crown or Filling?

Call your dentist immediately! They’ll offer further insight or call you in to repair the affected tooth. If you can’t reach your dentist, take steps to protect your tooth. Using a dental putty designed to protect against these types of mishaps can protect your tooth until you’re able to see your dentist. You may also need to limit eating certain foods to avoid irritating the area or causing further damage.